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Krissy Kobata was like any other fun-loving, 26 year old, up until 2008 when she was diagnosed with a blood disorder called Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). Typically MDS is diagnosed in people who are typically 65+, Krissy is a vibrant youngwoman! The only cure is a bone marrow transplant. Ethnicity is a key factor in finding a bone marrow "match" and Krissy's family is of mixed heritage - Japanese and Caucasian - also known as Hapa, has made it more difficult for her to find a donor match. More diverse donors are needed! Especially Hapa donors! As of yet, none of Krissy's family members have been a match and so we are asking for the help and generosity of others to save our Krissy's life!

PLEASE, if you haven't registered as a bone marrow donor, do so as soon as possible. Her life and many, many others depend on people like you who are willing to help a stranger. 


Together we can make it Hapa’n!



Help save the life of Krissy and others like her by registering to be a marrow donor!


It's easy to register:
* Be between the ages of 18 and 44
* Be willing to donate to any patient
* Meet the health guidelines
* Fill out a form & give a cheek swab

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June 2013: Going through and updating the site with recent updates to the registration process. You now must be under the age of 44 in order to register.

A lot of people talk about making a difference—Taking this small step means you are.