Registration Process

Joining the donor list is easy! You must meet some health requirements and then make a conscious decision to help someone in need. The process starts with just a swab of the inside of your mouth and some paperwork! That's it!

You have to be between the ages of 18 and 44 to register.  If you are between the ages of 45 and 60 you may still register, but you have to do so online at

There is no fee to register in person at a local drive. However, there is a $100 fee to register online at to cover the processing costs.

Please remember to keep your registry information up-to-date . If you move or change your name, please make these changes to your profile. You may contact Be The Match or make the changes on their website.

If you are a match you will be contacted for further testing to make sure you are the perfect candidate for a bone marrow donation. 

If you match a patient, you have the right to change your mind. However, please think about the patient and how a change in your mind can be life threatening to someone in need. Please think carefully about making a commitment to join the registry and think about the good you are doing for someone else.

Donation Process

There are 2 donation methods:
The patient’s doctor decides which of these methods is best: 

Bone Marrow Donation:
A small amount of marrow is collected from your hip bone using a needle and syringe. Anesthesia is used during this simple hospital procedure.

Afterwards, you may be sore for a few days to a few weeks, but normal activity may be resumed. Your marrow replenishes itself within a few weeks.

PBSC Donation:
You receive injections of Filgrastim for 5 days to increase the blood-forming cells in your bloodstream. You may experience flu-like symptoms for a few days.

Blood is drawn from your arm using a sterile needle and passes through a machine that separates the blood cells. The remaining blood returns to your other arm.

Please take into account that with either donation method you will experience some inconvenience but it is a small price to pay when you can save a life!


Still have more questions? check out our FAQ Page.