Beyond Grateful!

To everyone who took some, or A LOT, of time out of their day to share, educate, and flat out bomb the internet with #teamkrissy, I want to say a BIG thank you! I tried my best to keep up with the comments and shares, but it was really really hard!

I took on the role of the's website & social media manager when we first found out that Krissy had MDS. I have no experience in managing a website or PR & marketing. So I was pretty clueless about what I was doing when we first started. I'm still not an expert at dealing with and responding to all of this media attention. However, over the last 10 years I've definitely become a passionate advocate about bone marrow transplants and registration, using these social media connections and platforms. The team probably can all agree it has not been easy, chasing down people all day at registration events, dealing with apathy because people don't want to take the time to understand the situation of someone who is sick and possibly dying of bone marrow failure, all because of their own fears. When it is so close to your heart and a loved one is the one you are desperately doing all of this for, you can bet it's frustrating! It was a mission of mine to break down the myths that scared so many people away from us during these events. This website and social media have been the best tools for telling Krissy's story and answering many questions people have about bone marrow registration and donation... Today was probably overload for readers and Facebook followers. I'm sorry, but I'm just super motivated, and have never been more pushy and relentless about anything else in my life. Even more so, I've been rejuvenated with the attention we've gotten and Krissy's rush to get a transplant.

I was lucky enough to get to read every single post, comment, and e-mail that we got and it's been overwhelming in a good way! Krissy has a ton of support and has touched so many people that are sending her hope, love, prayers, and good vibes from all corners of the world!

We are doing good things each day that we share Krissy's story and inform people about this HUGE need for more registered donors in the National Marrow Registry. I can't help but think that we have probably saved quite a few lives through the work we've done so far, and who knows how many more we can save in the future, from the work we've done in just this week!! The response that we've gotten from news stations, celebrities, and other websites and organizations has been so awesome and affirms that we can make a difference and we are being noticed, especially when millions of other people are at least viewing what we have to say.

I'm happy enough knowing we have, at the very least, planted a seed. People can start by thinking about Krissy, and then maybe someday with the right amount of exposure and our relentless twittering and post sharing they will see that they are needed in the bone marrow registry, and that they can make a difference too!

Thank you again for your support, love, and happy thoughts. We'll need as much as we can get over the next year as Krissy faces her transplant and recovery. I will keep you updated and hope that you can continue to think about Krissy and her family, as well as continue to spread the word that this is not over yet and many more patients need help and support from us!