A Letter from Krissy's Aunt: Visit to City of Hope

Hi Friends & Family,

I don't know if many of you know but Krissy was advised a month ago that she may need her bone marrow transplant very soon as her bone marrow is failing to produce.  The last few weeks have been difficult and she has undergone another bone marrow biopsy and yesterday we met with her doctor at the City of Hope for the game plan.

Krissy's hemoglobin, neutrophils and platelets are extremely low so the urgency for her to have a bone marrow transplant soon is the next step.  She and Mark (her dad) were HLA typed yesterday and Krissy will be run in the bone marrow registry early next week.  Back several years there was a 9 out of 10 match, which if nothing better shows up, will be our best bet.  COH will have a panel of doctors discuss the best options for Krissy in the next few weeks and will then reach out to the donor that best suits her.  If that donor is willing to proceed, they will be scheduled for testing which will take another few weeks if the donor's schedule is able to accommodate the timing.  The earliest the transplant may proceed is the beginning of September, but most likely it will take place the beginning of October.  If there is not a viable donor from the registry, then her dad will be the haploidentical donor as a partial match for her.

She will undergo intense chemo for 5 days followed by the bone marrow transfusion all at the COH.  Her stay is estimated at 7 weeks if there are no reactions or rejections, then another 6 months of careful watching at home for signs of rejection.  Of course, visitation will be extremely limited at the COH but we can set up a schedule for those who wish to visit, only 1 or 2 at a time and depending on her condition.  

We ask that you all keep Krissy in your prayers, a small miracle would be nice, but she is a strong, willful, independent woman who I KNOW will beat this and live a long and happy life.  She is ready for this fight and wants to put it behind her as quickly as possible, so she can resume one of her favorite things, a nice glass of WINE!  Once she's cured I hope everyone sends her a nice bottle to celebrate!

I want to thank everyone who has been on this 10 year journey with us, now it's show time and Krissy will come through this ordeal with all of your support, love and prayers.


With love and gratitude,


Together we can make it hapa'n!